Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Makes a Drive a Road Trip?

 by Tiberiu Ana Flickr Creative Commons

Be it by car, motorbike or motorhome, a true road trip is an experience, not just getting from A to B. Here are some guidelines for an amazing road trip:

- Take someone with you. Someone you love, someone you like, someone you just met but find interesting- reminiscing afterwards will be half the fun of the trip.

- Take new routes. The highway is the fastest way, but not the most interesting. A road trip is about the journey, not the destination, so can't be rushed. In New Zealand it's called a tiki tour- go down a side road just to see what you might find.

- A road trip is great when it has a purpose, or when it doesn't. You may have taken a few extra days to get to your intended city instead of flying, or you may have packed up the car or RV when a free week presented itself and took to the road with no rhyme nor reason. Whichever it is, embrace it!

- Stop somewhere you've never been before. Be it for icecream, lunch, dinner or breakfast. The smaller the town, the better- and make friends with the locals if the opportunity arises.

- Be spontaneous. This could mean getting out of the car to dip your feet in the water, walking up a hill to see the view, attending anything that might be on in a town without preplanning it. Don't be afraid to take any opportunity that is put in front of you- even if it will mess with your plans.

 by Pete Flickr Creative Commons

And for the more advanced road trip experience, try for one or more of these:

- Break down and fix it in the pouring rain. Flag someone down to help and become lifelong friends.

- Park your RV somewhere unknown in the pitch dark, and wake up in the morning to the most incredible view you have ever seen. This can also be done in a car for extra badass points.

- Find a relative of yours in a forgotten graveyard, and uncover a huge family secret.

 by Kevin Dooley Flickr Creative Commons

- Have a beer in the most rural pub you can find, and have an in-depth conversation with a farmer with no teeth. Learn valuable life lessons.

by Jan Smith Flickr Creative Commons

- Stay in a haunted hotel or bed and breakfast with a creepy owner. Leave the next morning feeling as though you survived an ordeal.

- Buy cheap and fresh meat, cheese and veges from an amazing Farmer's Market in the small town you are staying at. Prepare the most amazing meal of your life on your gas cooker or RV stove.

- Meet a fellow traveler, learn their life story, and be left with only memories and one slightly blurry photo of them as you go your separate ways.

- Build a campfire (where permitted, of course) and spend the night in a toasted marshmallow and wine- fuelled heart to heart. Be surprised to see the sun coming up.

- Get horribly lost. Wrestle with maps, bust out a compass, scan the horizon. Eventually find that you are 5 mins away from where you left 5 hours ago, give up and and revisit the local pub. Tell the toothless farmer what happened, and hear his words of wisdom on getting lost, which are profound despite the fact he has never been more than 10km from his own farm.

 by The Eyes of New York Flickr Creative Commons

Admittedly, those last few are entirely dependent on fate- but the fundamental quality of a road trip is that it can't be planned! Whatever happens will happen, and the key is to go with the flow.

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  1. I live in Europe and I am not so familiar with Road Trip culture. I am planning to make a huge road trip and readed lot of road trips so I at least know what should I think of when making a road trip.

    I just wonder is it usual in America that you rent a car to your road trip? If so, why don't you just use your own car for the trip?

    1. Hi there, Road trips are a lot of fun and definitely worth taking your time to do.
      On renting a car to do your road trip; this is the obvious answer for tourists from overseas who don't have a car and also for people traveling from within the country but a little too far from where they want to do their roadtrip. For example they may live on the west coast and want to do a roadtrip on the east coast and don't have time to travel across the country. It could also be an alternative if they don't want to rack up miles on their personal cars.
      Motorhomes are also a good alternative as you can travel and sleep in the same place, stopping where you want whenever you want for a meal or cup of coffee or sleep.

      I hope this answer helps you :-)

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